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Log of the Cruise – Antigua 3rd December 2016

(The following log features extracts from the Ship’s Official Log Book, with the entries recorded by the Officer of the Watch on the Navigational Bridge - 10-Day Eastern Caribbean - November, 30 - December, 10, 2016)

 Overnight and early Wednesday morning, Royal Princess set several south-easterly courses towards Antigua, passing to the north of Saba Island before setting a south-easterly course passing to the north of St. Eustatius and St. Kitts. With the pilot embarked at 07:08, courses were set to transit the narrow west channel into St. John's harbour. After we enjoyed our day in Antigua and all passengers were on board, Royal Princess "let go" her lines and commenced moving astern until we were out of the harbour, before swinging the ship bow to starboard and stern to port. Once clear of the channel and with the pilot disembarked, Royal Princess set several south south-easterly courses toward Saint Lucia.

Weather experienced during the day:
Noon Position: Antigua
Wind: South Easterly Force 4
Sky: Partly Cloudy
Pressure: 1015 hpa
Temperature: 29,7ºC / 84ºF

Antigua - St. John (With Royal Princess)

PT// Imagens da chegada com o Royal Princess e do pequeno passeio pelas ruas de St. John, capital da ilha de Antigua, onde é possível observar a arquitetura local e movimento de pessoas e veículos!

EN// Images of the arrival with the Royal Princess and the short leisurely stroll through the streets of St. John, capital of the island of Antigua, where you can observe the local architecture and movement of people and vehicles!

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Antigua - Catamaran Party (Royal Princess Excursion)

PT// Os passeios de catamaran são sempre muito animados. Aqui ficam imagens do final da viagem a bordo do catamaran Mystic em Antigua.

EN// Catamaran tours are always very excited. Here are images of the end of the trip aboard the Mystic catamaran in Antigua.

Antigua - Deep Bay Beach (Royal Princess Excursion)

PT// Imagens da bonita e paradisíaca Deep Bay Beach em Antigua.

EN// Images of the beautiful and idyllic Deep Bay Beach in Antigua.

Antigua - Catamaran Sail (Royal Princess Excursion)

PT// Imagens da costa de Antigua captadas durante o passeio a bordo do catamaran Mystic. Passamos por diversas praias (visitámos 2) de areia dourada que contrastam com o recorte das rochas nas encostas e o verde da vegetação. Descubra os sitios mais incríveis onde se situam alguns hotéis desta ilha! 

EN// Images of the coast of Antigua captured during the ride aboard the Mystic catamaran. We passed several beaches (we visited 2) of golden sand that contrast with the cut of the rocks on the slopes and the green of the vegetation. Discover the most incredible places where some hotels of this island are located!