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Aruba - Island Tour by BUS

 Passeio de autocarro pela ilha de Aruba, conhecendo o que Aruba tem de melhor, desde fenómenos naturais até à ação do homem.
 Uma ilha bonita de se ver em que predominam os muitos quilómetros de praias brancas...
 Em baixo (e nas mensagens seguintes) veja as fotos e os vídeos...
 Descrição da excursão em Princess.com:
 This relaxing tour begins with an easy drive through the island's capital, Oranjestad, in your air conditioned bus. Sit back and enjoy the sight of Aruba's colorful markets and many impressive Dutch Colonial buildings, including a short photo-stop in the town's center. You will then drive through Frenchman's Pass, the legendary passage where in the 17th century, invading French pirates were confronted by Indians above the Spanish Lagoon. Your next stop is at the dramatic Casibari Rock formations, a shrub-covered landscape shaped by boulders, some the size of small houses and weighing several tons. Arawak Indians would visit here in order to hear incoming thunderstorms and you will have the opportunity to take photographs and visit the gift shop.
 Heading to the north coast, you will then be able to explore one of Aruba's most popular sights, the sea-worn Natural Bridge that collapsed in 2005, and the still in-tact Baby Natural Bridge. On the way, you'll drive past Aruba's divi-divi trees, considered a natural compass as they point in a southwesterly direction due to the trade winds. The last stop of this laid-back tour is at one of the island's beaches. Be sure to wear your swimsuit. You will have approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to swim in the ocean, stroll along the beach or simply relax.

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