quinta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2009

Breathe Gentle

I want to give you all of me - the underneath
Want you to show me imperfection is actually love
I thought, cursed - I was cursed - Destined to be lonely
A circle in a world of squares Where nobody knows me
So with every footstep
I must follow the kissing moments
I thought were impossible
Breathe gentle, Be gentle
Don't leave me behind
Cause love goes faster
Breathe gentle, Be gentle
Never let me go when love goes faster
I will be gentle

"Breathe Gentle" -Tiziano Ferro feat Kelly Rowland
Another one that remindes Venice! Para estas imagens não haveria melhor titulo, nem mensagem! Bons sonhos!
Veneza - 21 a 24 Outubro 2009