sexta-feira, 3 de junho de 2016

Log of the Cruise – St Peter Port 3rd June 2014

(The following log features extracts from the Ship’s Official Log Book, with the entries recorded by the Officer of the Watch on the Navigational Bridge - British Isles with Ruby Princess May 23 to June 4, 2013)

 Throughout the evening we followed the English Channel exiting during the night to set a southerly course, commencing our final approach to Guernsey Island. We rounded the island from the west and embarked the local pilot at 08:52. Once the pilot was onboard we proceeded towards our anchorage position. The port anchor was dropped at 09:18 and the tenders were lowered into the water to take passengers ashore. The ships tenders carry a maximum of 123 persons while tendering and can also be converted to a lifeboat, if required, to carry 150 persons.
 Once all passengers and crew were safely back onboard we commenced heaving our port anchor. By 17:00 the port anchor was home and our six tenders were secured for sea; the ship was ready to commence her second leg of voyage. With the help of the pilot we retraced our track south to clear the bay. Ruby Princess disembarked the pilot at 17:30. Navigating clear of Guernsey Island a north easterly course was set towards our last port of call Southampton.

Weather experienced during the day:
Sky: Partly Cloudy Skies; Wind: Westerly Beaufort Force 5
Temperature: 11ºC/52ºF; Barometric Pressure: 1014,1 mb
Sunrise: 05:07; Sunset: 21:10