domingo, 8 de outubro de 2017

New York - The Ride

PT// Uma experiência de puro entretenimento e uma forma diferente de ver as ruas de Nova Iorque. Uma alegria contagiante e interativa com guias especiais e com as pessoas nas ruas, com muita luz, cor e loucura à mistura.

EN// An experience of pure entertainment and a different way of seeing the streets of New York. A contagious and interactive joy with special guides and people on the streets, with lots of light, color and madness to the mix.

From New York Pass:

Not only does The Ride take you on a scenic voyage through New York City, it also provides you with tons of entertainment along the way. The streets of New York become a broadway stage along this 75 minute interactive tour/show as surprises leap out from every corner to make your ride a truly unforgettable experience. Each tour is also led by an expert guide who knows New York City like the palm of their hand and can provide you with engaging and comedic commentary on the sights of the city.
Passengers on the ride sit facing sideways to view the show as well as the sights that will be just outside of the floor-to-ceiling windows. Some of the great entertainment featured on The Ride includes singers, dancers and instrumentalists. As an audience member, you might not even be able to tell who is a part of the show and who is just a regular New Yorker.

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