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Log of the Cruise – At Sea 25th May 2014


(The following log features extracts from the Ship’s Official Log Book, with the entries recorded by the Officer of the Watch on the Navigational Bridge - British Isles with Ruby Princess May 23 to June 4, 2013)

 Last night Ruby Princess transited the busy shipping lanes of the Dover Straits at 01:00, initially in an easterly direction. The Dover Straits is one of the busiest shipping channels in the world and lies at the narrowest section of the English Channel between Britain and France, at just 18 miles across. At 08:00 we were clear of the Dover Straits and rounded the south east coast of England and set a northerly course through the North Sea oil and gas production fields. After Ruby Princess cleared the production fields we followed the east coast of Scotland to the north towards our next port of call South Queensferry.

Noon Position: 53º11.2’ N 002º16.7’E
Weather experienced during the day:
Sky: Partly Cloudy Skies; Wind: Southerly Beaufort Force 4
Temperature: 19ºC/66ºF; Barometric Pressure: 1018,7 mb
Sunrise: 05:50; Sunset: 22:11