segunda-feira, 30 de maio de 2016

Log of the Cruise – Belfast 30th May 2014

(The following log features extracts from the Ship’s Official Log Book, with the entries recorded by the Officer of the Watch on the Navigational Bridge - British Isles with Ruby Princess May 23 to June 4, 2013)

 In the morning at 07:20 the bridge gave the engineers “Stand-by Engines” as Ruby Princess was made ready for arrival. We picked up the local pilot at 07:32 then proceeded through 10 miles of buoyed channel towards our designated berth, where we had the ship fast and gangways ready by 09:29. Visible from the Starboard side of the ship are the famous Harland and Wolf cranes and shipyard, marked H&W. This where the RMS Titanic was built and launched from in 1911.
 In the evening, once all passengers and crew were back on board, the gangways were shipped at 18:45 and we let go our line at 19:04. We retraced our track of the harbor and buoyed channel were the pilot then disembarked at 19:59. Ruby Princess the cleared Belfast Lough and set an easterly course into the Irish Sea. During the night we will round the Isle of Arran to port and enter in the Firth of Clyde, and set courses towards Greenock.

Weather experienced during the day:
Sky: Partly Cloude Skies; Wind: North Easterly Beaufort Force 3
Temperature: 13ºC/55ºF; Barometric Pressure: 1026,4 mb
Sunrise: 04:57; Sunset: 21:46